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Custom Portable Buildings arrow 12x32 Extended Dutch Barn

12x32 Extended Dutch Barn

12x32 Extended Dutch Barn
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Space Maker Custom  12x32 with 10x10 Connected Addition

Sometimes, even a large building isn't quite large enough to house everything you intend to store inside.  Perhaps you are looking at creating a space for a dual purpose, such as storage with a potting shed so that you can stow away seasonal items in the majority of the space and still have a work area of your own.  Our custom buildings are perfect for your needs, especially items like the 12x32 custom extended Dutch barn, with an attached 10x10 extension.  In this type of environment, you have a natural separation between the storage shed and the potting shed area where the width dimension changes.  It's almost like housing two rooms in the same large building.  This is an excellent solution for a small business where you need additional room for a place to create your wares away from the retail area where you sell the items.

We can create custom blueprints for your building based on the exact layout you like, with shelving, shutters, and windows installed to specification.  You can appreciate design aspects such as:

  • Floors that are flat, even, and smooth and carefully reinforced.  The plywood decking covers 4x6 pressure treated runners and 2x4 floor joists on 12-inch centers in the 10x10 area as well as 2x6's on 16-inch centers in the larger part of the building.
  • An extended roof of 25-year shingles and insulated decking that overhangs to create additional weather protection on all sides for trustworthy storage capability
  • Western Fir siding that incorporates a baked on primer to add life to the paint.  

With the custom designs, choose a color, and determine if you'd like to add extra doors to your storage shed.  Perhaps you'd like to be able to enter at both ends, placing a door at the end where your potting shed is so that you don't have to walk through the storage area every time you enter.

This 12x32 with 10x10 attached custom Dutch barn is not the only option from which to choose.  If this doesn't suit you, take a look at some of our other custom blueprints and find the suggested or custom design you need.  If you don't see something perfect, we'll customize a design to your liking.

Whether used for winter and seasonal storage or set up as a workshop like a potting shed, you can count on the custom buildings from our collection to meet your needs with expertise.

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