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Don't settle for a standard, boring storage shed design for your farming storage needs. Our Dutch Barn Movers come in a range of sizes and designs, including both high and low wall designs to meet your requirements. Dutch Barn Movers are historical in the United States as one of the first barn designs, with few originals still standing and in use. However, the customization of such custom portable building designs make an excellent addition to any yard, calling attention to its unique design without being overbearing to your landscape.

Use these Dutch Barn Movers for storage, workshops, or regaining the use of your car garage, and replace the plain boxy building that could typically be used for such purposes. Add some style to your Space Maker custom designed portable building, and pick from several customized options. All of Space Maker Portable custom buildings can be easily adjusted and created specifically for your needs.


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10x12 High Wall Dutch Barn

High wall Dutch barn gives you the style you want with the space you need.
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12x16 Dutch Barn

A portable storage shed, which can easily be moved to another location due to the ingenious design of the flooring.
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12x20 High Wall Dutch Barn Moves

Resembling the intriguing and imposing design of the Dutch style barn without standing out too much.
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8x10 Low Wall Dutch Barn

Strong timber framing and a much more aesthetic appeal than standard steel buildings.
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8x12 Low Wall Dutch Barn

This building is perfect to house swimming pool supplies or as a storage garage.
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