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Dutch Barn Movers arrow 8x10 Low Wall Dutch Barn

8x10 Low Wall Dutch Barn

8x10 Low Wall Dutch Barn
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Space Maker Portable Dutch Barn Movers 8x10 Low Wall Dutch Barn

Dutch Barn Movers have a lot of history and look fabulous and imposing due to their design.  While you may not need or have room for a large storage area for your supplies, you may still need a small place to store supplies for the livestock you keep at a boarding facility.  The 8x10 low wall Dutch barn is just the ticket.  In the tradition of these old fashioned barns and other pole barns, the 10-foot walls are low-slung, making the triangular roofing appear even taller than it is to give the structure an impressive appearance, even with its small size, in your yard.  Whatever you need the building for, it is easily suited, with strong timber framing and a much more aesthetic appearance than standard steel buildings.

The 8x10 building can work for several applications, including:

  • As a storage area
  • As a shed for your small animals and pets
  • As a small office if there is no room within your home

Keep in mind that, like true pole barns, the height of the 10-foot walls are not going to be a typical ceiling height, but especially when simply storing materials, it is a great way to add a portable building to your yard with style.  When you opt for steel buildings, you are stuck with a particular design and no say in any kind of customization.  However, with our 8x10 low wall Dutch barn, you get both sturdy timber framing built on a tried and true flooring design and the opportunity to add your own custom touches.

You can choose customized options like:

  • Where and how many shelves you want installed
  • The windows you'd prefer
  • The shutters you'd like to install.  

With the Western Fir siding and its baked on primer, you can rest assured that the exterior paint job will have a long life, even in the weather elements.  If this particular building doesn't meet your needs for storage or your supplies, you can opt for one of our larger buildings or even have a custom building designed to meet the requirements of your application.

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