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Having a Space Maker portable play house for your child is a great way to give them a space of their own to learn to be an individual, as well as to express their creativity. Space Maker custom playhouses are excellently constructed and can be ordered custom built to your desire. Available in several sizes, they can accommodate one or more children so your kids can invite their friends. Of course, for practical purposes, playhouses can be a shelter against weather for your sons and daughters, when at play or waiting for the school bus.

Space Maker portable playhouses don't have to be used for these purposes, though. Create a home office, a small storage shed, or a workshop from these small aesthetically pleasing custom designs, built sturdy with the highest quality materials and great looks. Check out the options below, or visit our custom building showroom to see what else we have to offer.

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6x8 Play House Mover

Custom 6x8 Playhouse Short Description
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6x8 Yellow Play House Mover

Is your house lacking a playroom where your child can be messy and enjoy his or her toys and games?
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8x12 Play House Movers

Our playhouse moving service is so professional you may want to move it every season, including moving for a small guest house.
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