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Custom Portable Gables arrow 12x20 Gable Shed Moves

12x20 Gable Shed Moves

12x20 Gable Shed Moves
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Space Maker Portable 12x20 Gable Shed Movess

There are a number of uses for the 12x20 Gable Shed Moves that is offered directly from Space Maker Shed Movers.  In fact, you may begin to wonder how exactly you want to use this building, reminiscent of horse barns, on your residential property.  With customizable floorplans, you can easily work this design to meet your needs, regardless of your decision of how to use the building.  Nix the idea of storage buildings that are prefabricated and take into account the choices you have with this gable design.  Order standardized colors like gray or beige, or send us a sample of the color you want matched for a custom paint job.

Gables are peaked and have a great look that can imitate the look of your home, making it compliant to homeowner's association specifications, something to which residential areas are typically subjected.  The custom colors make the building less imposing so that it compliments your home rather than detracting from its beauty.  Think about the many uses you have for the gable:

  • A home office for which you have no spare room in your home.
  • A storage building that can house anything you don't want exposed to the weather or cannot fit in your attic/basement/garage.
  • A playhouse for your children where they can be messy and creative.
  • A workshop where you can house your hobby, whether pottery, woodworking, or some other creative artistry.
  • A library where you can store your books and have a quiet space to get away from the family for an hour or so.

With so many options of use, there is no need to invest tons of money in prefabricated storage buildings, which cannot be customized with optional windows, shutters, and shelving.  If this particular building doesn't suit your needs, check out other floorplans we offer in all sizes and designs, each of which can be customized to your needs.  Our buildings are sturdy and trustworthy and can meet any needs you can come up with.

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