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10x12 Tackroom

10x12 Tackroom
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Space Maker Portable 10x12 Tack Room

The classic 10x12 red tack room is a perfect addition to your traditional style barnyard, with its obviously classic color reminiscent of the good old days.  It's small enough not to interfere with the landscaping while protecting the equipment you need to pull out and take care of your agriculture and is large enough for more than one person to come out and work with their riding and training equipment at the same time.  The red color will be well-preserved for a long time to come, since the Western Fir siding utilizes a baked on primer to extend the life of the original paint.  Simply be aware that some homeowner's associations have rules regarding the color of outbuildings, so if you order a red building, you may find yourself painting soon!  Otherwise, order a custom color to match your needs.

This small addition to your yard will help to better organize your lifestyle, giving you the correct place to store all your horse equipment.  Of course, you can use the building for other purposes, such as to house your woodworking machinery, but you'll find it extremely useful in its original purpose.  The wood flooring is reinforced for ease of moving the building should the need arise.  Customizable options include placement of shutters and high quality windows, choice of shelving, and even door sizes.

With so many different aspects to the care and cleaning of your horses and other agriculture purposes, it's important to have organization.  You can't depend on finding what you need if all of your equipment is piled together in one small shed.  Therefore, adding a tack room for all of the horseback riding equipment can help bring order to your life.  You also don't have a lot of time in your busy schedule when you have horses and other livestock to take care of, so you don't want to spend your time painting a storage shed.  That's where BUSINESS buildings come in handy, with siding that is already painted.  Even if you are using the building for something like storage for your woodworking machinery, you don't want to have too much hassle with installation and upkeep.

Most people don't need a huge area for riding equipment storage and don't want a building in their yard that takes up all the space or dwarfs their home, and the 10x12 red tack room is a perfect solution that looks great in a traditional farming landscape that can provide users with what they need and not burden the horizon.

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