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12x16 Tackroom
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Space Maker Portable 12x16 Tack Room with (Optional) Green Metal Roof

What are you looking for in a place to house your work shop?  While created to act as a storage room for your riding and training materials, the 12x16 tack room with a green metal roof can be a great choice for woodworking and other hobbies and fits in your backyard.  Big enough to house equipment and multiple projects and covered with a metal roof that is both attractive and functional, the tack room shields you and your work from the detriments that weather can cause, with the roof extended to hang over all four walls.

The floor of these tack rooms is incredibly sturdy, built upon solid 4x6 runners that have been pressure treated and 2x6 floor joists on 16-inch centers.  That means that, combine with the plywood decking that gives you a smooth, even finish, the flooring is a great support for woodworking equipment.

Install workbenches, shelving, and windows to your liking, shedding light on your work shop with a custom design for the 12x16 tack room.  Depending upon the sort of work shop you are going to create from the tack room, your workbenches can be included in the custom design with the other elements, such as shutters, so that your building comes complete from Space Maker Shed Movers with everything you need.

This large tack room will also make a great pottery barn, just another type of work shop to consider.  Rather than clutter your garage or a room in your home with your equipment and creations, build your own pottery barn and rest assured that the green metal roof (other colors available) will protect both the art and the medium of creation.

The tack room comes with painted Western Fir siding, which incorporates a baked on primer to help extend the life of the paint the color of which you specify, and the roof decking is insulated to help hold in heat in the winter and keep the building cool in the summer.  Doors have a metal threshold and heavy duty hardware to keep them sturdy and strong, as well.  Don't hesitate to order this tack room from Space Maker Shed Movers, turning it into the work shop you've always dreamed of!

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